My family Album

My name is Roumiana (that is to say « beautiful » in Bulgarian). I was born in Kolarovo (Bulgaria) on July 26, 1952; I am thus sign of the lion. I am married with Richard, said Rico, who is a creator of Web sites, data processing specialist, writer, linguist, orientalist, astrologer, graphologist, pataphysician (1) and so on ...

 Rico et Roumi
Rico et Roumi (photo by Didier at Stara Zagora)

Here is Nicolas, my dady, called « the Marshal » because of the very many medals which he raises proudly.

And there is Maria, my mom, a woman always smiling, but very firm. She is in fact « the Marshal » at home.

My daughter Jénia or Женя (Zhenya in Anglo-Saxon transcription). She is a physician and a professor-assistant at the Pulpit of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of Stara Zagora (ouf !). She has a boy-friend, Dima or Dis-moi (= Dimitri), neurosurgeon and specialist in grills on wood fire (the famous grilladovitchi ). She has a baby, Yana.

 Hello, I'm Jenia (Zhenya) !

 Dima, le vainqueur du Tour de France et de Navarre And now, ladies and gentlemen, here is Dima, the winner of the Tour de France ! His laurel wreath is so large that he is obliged to carry it outside him, and not on his head !
At « Gaston », the famous chinese restaurant in Les Lilas, near Paris

Dima and Richard attacking chinese noodles

Who is the mother ? Who is the daughter ?

 Et moi, je suis Tchavdar. Qu'on se le dise !

Tchavdar or Чавдар, my son (Chavdar in Anglo-Saxon transcription). He is an artist, gifted in all, and currently follows the Course Simon (theatre) in Paris.

What is missing in my CV ? It is my childhood (very happy indeed, and without worries with such a mom and such a dad, and with my brother Miroslav), my youth (of course, - mad), my loves (with the extasies and the sufferings of a loved, or deserted woman), the sports (I always wonder if the athletics did not lose in me a world champion, - without modesty -, and why not an Olympic champion ?), my friends, my classmates (I have just met two of them in France), my colleagues (here, in France), my pupils - so many (I have just met some of them in Paris), my journeys - a few only but on very long distances...

Are also missing my failures, the disasters, the sleepless nights... What they are missing ! They filled their task. What I am wise ! And experienced !

My studies

See my CV

My professional life

See CV, forgiveness, several years are missing, as translator in the company of international transport « Sisi - Yana » at Yambol, the official and friendly contacts with Belgium.

In Paris, during the summer 2004 I was a teacher : I was in charge of the elimination of illiteracy of immigrant african mothers. It was a very pleasant and cool work.

My interests

Didn't the world of entertainment lose also in me a star ? I like the theatre so much ! And chocolate too, oh yeah, and ice creams !

Before I read many books, and now I'm surfing on Internet. I like the sea, it is banal, isn't it ? But I like it in September, at Sozopol, at the festival « Apolonia ».

Here is a cocktail of my tastes : 1 decilitre of theatre, 1 decilitre of music, 1 decilitre of painting, a (big) pinch of sun, one of sand, one of wind, one of sea and the whole allied with wine, fishes, fresh beer and many friends.

My plans for the future

To grow old, well and slowly, with Richard, in Paris.

(1) Doctorate in pataphysics in 1982. Click on « Previous » of your browser.

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