A bulgarian artist of Stara Zagora : Peter PETROV

Peter PETROV is born on 24th may 1962 at Tchirpan. He studied at High School of Art of Kazanleuk. In 1982 he achieved his studies at Fine Art University of Veliko Ternovo, - with sculpture for speciality. His creative researchs are fundamentally about painting and sculpture, with stone and wood as material. He takes part in cultural life of Stara Zagora, he exhibits his works in local and national galleries. He has two independent exhibitions.

For easier presentation of the works of Peter, we have divided them in two : sculptures and paintings.

His paintings distinguish themselves by a warm colourism, a great sensitivity and a great love for life. As for his sculptures, we perceive in them a fine erotisme (nudes), a sensual approach to material.

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